Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why use a consultant for my event or festival production?

A. There are many important decisions to be made in the planning of your event or festival. Just a few of these would include: entertainment selection within budget; contract negotiation; light, sound and security requirements; transportation and lodging logistics; staging requirements; and the many on-site details to be taken care of the day of the event. Unless you have the resources and someone within your organization with the experience, expertise, and time to coordinate all of these details, you should consider using a production consultant.

Q. How do you choose an event or festival production consultant?

A. Most production companies specialize in one or two areas, whereas we specialize in all of them! For example, one company might be more specialized in show productions, while another might specialize in decorating, and another in the audio/visual field. We are specialized in all these individual areas as well, so whether you hire us for one or two parts, or all of them, we always have the big picture of your successful event in mind.

Q: I don’t need an event planner, I just need someone to book national entertainment for my event. Do you do concert management only?

A: YES! Entertainment production is our number one priority. We will get you the best price on national entertainment, help you review and negotiate contracts, assist with logistics of getting your entertainment to your venue, manage the band and crew on site, and take care of payment and exit with your entertainment. Just provide us with as much information as possible about your event, the type of entertainment you need, and your budget range. Based on this information, we will provide you with a list of options that meet your criteria. Once you decide on an act, we can offer additional services, such as contract review, or something as extensive as logistical planning, sound, stage, lighting and security services and barricade rental to go along with your entertainments’ needs.

Q. Isn’t it less expensive to go directly to the entertainment?

A. Major agencies represent the interest of their celebrity. They are obligated to work in the best interest of their clients - not yours. We represent your interest and are not restricted to working within the confines of exclusive rosters. We can save you time, trouble, and money by negotiating the best possible prices.

Q. After choosing a production consultant, then what?

A. The amount of assistance you require from a production company can affect the total cost of an event. Come to an agreement in terms of exactly what is expected from the production company, and spell it out in an agreement. Make certain the production company knows specifically what they are accountable for. Some programs or events require more time than others. Go over the objectives of your program with your producer, the demographics of attendees and your budget. Determine if there is a discrepancy between what you expect, and what you can get for the money budgeted. A reputable producer can more than pay for his cost through effective use of the budgeted money. Not every program or event demands the service of a production company. When it is feasible, selecting the right company is the difference between having a successful event and achieving your objectives, or a substandard event.

Q: Why do I need barriers at my event?

A: Not only do Mojo Barriers keep your entertainment safe, and your guests safe, but they are often required as part of an entertainment contract. When faced with a contractual requirement like this, you will want equipment that is easy on your staff and your budget. Mojo Barriers Florida are both; they are durable, strong and lightweight, and this lighter material saves installation time, transportation and manpower. Plus, the barriers can be stored and transported for easy access into smaller venues.

Q: I need barricade rental services for my Florida event. Where do I go?

A: 4 Wall Productions, Inc. is the only authorized Mojo Barricade dealer in Florida. Like everything else we do, Mojo Barriers also save your event time, money, transportation and manpower, by offering ease of use and speed of load-in and load-out.

Q: We are a non profit organization without a lot of money, but in need of a fundraising event. I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

A: Not only can we help you conceptualize your event and help you carry it out, we can also help you conceptualize your event, and the event plan for YOUR staff to carry it out. We bring our years of varied event planning experience, from concerts, to festivals, to fundraisers to private parties, to help you best manage your event and your staff. We can customize and event plan for you, or bring our event management experience to you by being on site in the days leading up to your event.

Q: Do you have an event that has proven successful for other organizations?

A: Having worked with hundreds of different kinds of events, and some of the most successful fundraisers in the country, we can find a prototype that will work with your organization and your organization’s budgetary needs. Whether it be as small as a golf tournament for 150 people, or a food festival for 5,000 people, we will work with you to achieve your financial goals.

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